Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Breakout is a live escape game based in Chester. You are locked in a room with family, friends or coworkers, for 60 minutes, and have to solve a series of puzzles and clues to escape. Searching high and low and working together, are very important, if you want to escape. You have one hour to escape by using your brain (this may be a problem for a lot of you!), there are no physical activities involved in the games.

Will I enjoy this?


Breakout is a unique experience that will stay with you for a long time after leaving the venue! Each game is carefully designed to ensure maximum entertainment value. If you are looking for a fun group activity that is slightly different, then this is the activity for you!

What TV show or Film is this similar to?

It is a mixture of the following; The Crystal Maze, The Cube (ITV game show), Cube (film series), Saw series, Prison Break, Fort Boyard, The Mole, The Amazing Race, The Great Escape and Knightmare.

How hard is the game?

On average 50% of people manage to escape. Common sense goes a lot further than intelligence. You don’t need any special skills to get out of the room, just a basic level of written English along with basic number skills are enough. Everything you need to escape, is inside the room with you. Each game has a difficulty rating out of 5, the closer to 5, the more difficult the game. Could we tell you more? Yes, but we don’t want to spoil the experience!

Who normally plays this?

A complete mixture of ages, personality, sexes and nationalities play escape games. Teams can be made up of family, work mates, friends, student peers, travellers and many others! It’s a great team building exercise or even a fantastic, unique experience to celebrate a special occasion.

Do you accommodate special occasions?

Yes, we do. All occasions are welcome at Breakout Chester, be it birthdays, hen or stag do’s, engagements, anniversaries, leaving parties and anything else you can think of! In some escape rooms around the world, marriage proposals have even been staged!

Do You Offer Student Discounts?

Yes! We now offer a Student Discount Day every Tuesday. Students can book for 2 players, then bring up to 3 extra players for free. This potentially works out at just £10 per person! This offer is only active on Tuesdays, every member of the group must have valid Student Identification, and the maximum number of players per booking is 5.

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you want! We wouldn’t recommend heels, mankinis, Darth Vader fancy dress or full traditional wedding wear, but if you really want to, then we could make exceptions.

Will I get scared and am I safe?

Yes, you are completely safe. There is no fear aspect with any of our games and if you want to leave at any point you can. All games are monitored by staff at all times.

Which game should I play?

The best advice would be to go to the 'rooms' section of this site by clicking here, and make your decision based on which theme and storyline appeals the most to you. Of course once you have done one game, you’ll be hooked and want to try all the others too!

What is the ideal number of players per team?

All our rooms are designed for a maximum of 5 players. 2 people is the minimum required. 3-4 people however, is the ideal amount of players.

Accessibility and special requirements

Unfortunately the building we currently operate out of does not have lift or wheelchair access. There are few aspects of the game which require physical movements, but we do advise that at least one member of the team does not have mobility problems. A sound will be made on occasion in our rooms to alert people to clues, so it is advisable to have at least one member of the team who can hear. The majority of clues and puzzles are visual however Identify and Dead End do have sound based puzzles in the room.

Please contact us via e-mail on if you have any further questions

What ages can play?

We would advise that only children ages 10 and upwards play, due to the complexity of the puzzles. If the members of the party are 16 or under, then they must be accompanied by someone over the age of 18.

I’m claustrophobic, can I play?

Yes, of course. The rooms are all reasonable size and you will not find yourself in an enclosed space at any point. You can also leave the room at any point if you want to.

How much does it cost?

The price is dependent on the number of people who are taking part. The more people who play, the cheaper the game becomes. It is also cheaper to play during the week between Monday 10am and Friday before 5pm. If you have any more questions on the pricing, the best thing to do, is go to the booking section here, select the game room, time slot and number of players, to see the total price.

When can I play it / what are your opening hours?

We are open every day 10am-10pm 7 days a week.

How do I get there / Can I park near by / What are the nearest public transport links?

Check out our contact page here.

Any other questions?

E-mail us at or phone on  01244 638061.

Can I buy or franchise a room or game off you?